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Over many years, we have received the concerns of students, teachers and parents, about the need to incorporate into our self-study courses, a topic that has been little discussed, almost ignored, by traditional teaching: the subject of memory, of study method and habits.

From the first days of school, in primary school, and throughout the whole stage of secondary, preparatory, and so on, the student lives locked in a constant dilemma: while the system, teachers, and parents send our children, the message to study, no one has worried too much about how to do it.

Just as it would be unusual to send a soldier into battle without teaching him how to use his weapon, just as paradoxical is with our students when a teacher requires them to study a subject without teaching them how to do it.

Many of the difficulties in our students are not related to a question of ability, too much or too little, but to the lack of study methods. Sitting with a book, having to understand and retain a certain topic, without any technique that supports that activity, makes studying a monotonous, boring, uncreative activity. With the passage of time, the student gets used to studying as little as possible, the day before an exam or in the week of exams. In reality, he does not seek to incorporate a subject, understand it and learn it, but only pass the test the next day.


All these reflections, shared by many, have led us to integrate this course that seeks to become a tool for the student.



1.- At a distance:


Study mode:

Classes with the coach

Educating means taking out from within the growth potential that each individual has. This is the coach’s mission. To achieve this, excellence is targeted: high goals stimulate high performance.

The monitoring of the student is totally personalized.

Advancing through continuous evaluations guarantees results.


E-learning platform

The platform has a single study area from which you can access all course content and tools for communication between students and tutors.

The platform is easy and intuitive to use, but if you have any questions, you will find help that will explain how to use each of the tools.


Technical requirements

Internet connection.



The course has a personal tutor to which the student will be able to make all their queries through email, whatsapp or telephone line, which allow them to maintain fluid contact with their tutor.



The student will receive the password and instructions to access the course via email. The validity of the password is for 3 month from the date of registration.


Tutor Program

The tutor program is the didactic material with which the student performs the readings, practices and routines assigned by the coach. Students who do not have a computer can do the practices on the cell phone or tablet. In addition, students will be able to complement this material with the digital book they receive via email.



Approximately, the course can be completed in two months by attending classes at the Institute one to two times a week. However, the duration depends on the personal rhythm of the student since it is not worked by time but by results. The course ends when all objectives are satisfactorily achieved.


Virtual consulting

Since the student must carry out intense work with the tutor program, a free virtual consulting service is available to answer any questions that may arise during the development of the practicals. Thus, you will be able to maintain fluid contact with the coach.



At the end of the course you will receive a diploma awarded by ILVEM, which accredits the course taken.






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